Bags Every Woman Needs

handbag photo
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Aside from holding your everyday things and protecting your belongings, bags can also complete and accessorize your outfit. Shopping malls are filled with almost an unlimited number of choices of bag design, color, and material so that every woman can have the perfect bag for each outfit.

There are different factors to consider when deciding which bag to purchase. If you are the kind woman who prefers more functional bags, then you should get to know the different types of bags and how these can work for you. The most common types are tote bags, satchels, shoulder bags, sling bags, and clutches.

Tote bags are ideal if you travel a lot as it could fit most of the items you will need throughout the day. Satchels can also carry your everyday essentials but are more sleek and stylish. For days when you plan to go shopping, spacious shoulder bags will allow you to carry more things. However, if you only want to bring the most essential stuff with you, use sling bags which are small yet stylish. If you want something even smaller to hold your phone and wallet, clutches are ideal for you. These small bags can even be used on both casual and formal days depending on the style you choose.

These bags are also available in different types of materials such as canvas and leather. Considering the material used for the bag can help you choose the perfect one for your needs. Bags made from canvas are usually used with your casual outfits and those made with leather with minimal designs can be more suited to your formal attire. Of course, this is not an absolute rule and choosing a type of bag should be based on your preferences and style.

Aside from the type of bag and the material used, you should also consider your body type. Petite women may find some bags are too big so it is best to stick with small to medium sized bags. The opposite goes for bigger women as smaller bags will tend to look to small and disproportional to their body shape.

Other things to remember when choosing a bag is if it would complement your outfit and if it is appropriate for the event or occasion you will be attending. Bags are also a great way to accent an outfit with some color and add personality to your wardrobe.