Women’s Bags For Every Occasion

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From the daily office bag to your party tote, a woman needs more than just one bag for every occasion. But this does not mean that you now have a reason to splurge on those expensive designer hand bags. Though some occasions and outfits call for a specific type of handbag, some of the most basic types are enough to get you through most these. Here are a few occasions and the bags that you can use.

  1. Casual wear

For every day wear, there are different types and colors of satchels and totes that will surely match your outfit. If you plan on using this for the office as well, opt for darker and more neutral colors. Brighter colors and prints can put a fun twist to your outfit but make sure it does not clash with the colors you are wearing. There are also bowling bags and sling bags that you can try. Most of these bags can fit the essential things you need to carry as well as other things you might need. If you want something more petite, there are sling bags that are smaller and easier to carry.

  1. Formal wear

Formal events will usually require smaller bags so you can use a clutch, purse, or Minaudiere bag. Depending on the look you want to achieve, you can choose darker colors or bright and sparkly ones with decorative crystals to match your look.

  1. For travel

For weekends out with friends or for a short business trip, you need the right sized weekender bag. Make sure that the bag can fit a few days’ worth of outfits and that you can still carry it comfortably. For longer days away from home, you can have a small travel bag with wheels so you won’t need to strain your back and shoulders from the weight.

Why Every Woman Needs To Invest In Good Bags

Bags are more than just accessories, they are almost like an extension of your arm for the things you cannot hold in your hands.  It is also very easy to forget how important they are when considering your outfit and how the wrong bag for the right outfit will still give a mismatched style. You don’t have to own every available bag in the market to have a bag to match the clothes you wear. The first step is getting to know the different types of bags and how you can use these for every outfit you choose.

There are a lot of different

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you can choose from but here are some of the basics. If you need bigger and roomier bags, there are totes and satchels that come in various styles.  Smaller bags like the clutch and cross-body bag can be used when you only need to bring your essentials. It is important to invest in these basic bags as they are sure to match most of your outfits. Spending some money in bags also ensures that the bag was made from top quality and durable material that will last you a very long time.

Also, in choosing a good bag, you should also consider your body type because this can affect how you look when you carry it. Generally, the bag should be opposite to your shape so if you are tall and thin, choose a soft, rounded bag and if you are full-figured, choose a more structured, boxy bag. Of course there are no hard and fast rules when choosing bags to invest in.

You choice of bag says a lot about your personality so it is more important to choose one that shows who you are. If you are feeling adventurous, brightly colored bags are sure to grab people’s attention and make you feel stylish at the same time.

What To Look For In Bags You Should Invest In

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Whether you like it or not, good bags don’t come cheap. There are certainly more affordable choices but these may not last you very long. Different types of bags can give you different experiences when you use them so it is important that you know what you like to be able to choose the right bag. Here are some things to consider when you are thinking of investing in a bag aside from knowing the most common brands.

  1. Material

Whether it is authentic leather, canvas, suede or any other type of material, this would affect look and strength of the bag. The most popular options are leather and canvas which are also the most durable.

  1. Function

For some this is the most important consideration. Because you will be using bags every day for a specific function, such as carrying your stuff, it is important to consider the functionality of the bag. Think about how much you want to carry and if these would fit the bag. Look at the pockets or the straps if these will be enough for your needs. This way, you won’t lose your things in a bag that is too big or has too many pockets that you barely use.

  1. Comfort

Though some women forgo this complete in exchange for how the bag looks, this is one of the most basic things you have to consider especially if you are looking for an everyday bag. A stylish bag that is not comfortable to use will last you long enough till your shoulders or back ache and you would swear never to use it again. Functionality does not always come with stylishness but the two are not mutually exclusive. Find the right balance of comfort and style so you can have the best of both worlds from your bag.