Jack Georges Men’s Voyager Leather Zippered Messenger Bag

Jack Georges Men's Voyager Leather Zippered Messenger Bag
  • Measures 13.5×10.5×3.5 inches
  • Interior organizer pockets to keep your items neatly placed
  • Padded pocket for laptops with up to 13 inch screens
  • Adjustable shoulder strap for comfort
  • Zippered exterior pockets to keep your items safe and easily accessible

This messenger bag is great for people with active lifestyles. Its smaller size makes it easier to carry your essentials and still provides plenty of storage. Made of leather, it features interior organizer pockets, a padded pocket that can hold laptops up to 13×10.5×1.5 inches, adjustable shoulder strap for extra comfort, and zippered exterior pockets for easy access. There is also a D-ring on the side to attach extra items as needed.
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